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Drywall Construction Layout Ideas

Best Practices for Drywall Layout  

The concept of drywall construction is quite easy, as the goal is to cover either metal or wooden studs with sheets of drywall panels. It is very similar to sheathing the exterior of a building with plywood or another sheathing panel. However, the pattern with which the drywall sheets are laid on the studs is extremely important for two reasons. First, properly laid drywall is easier to tape and finish, and secondly, it is stronger and better at standing up to cracking at the seams.

Bound edges must be paired with bound-edges and butts to butts

The bound edge is the longest edge of the drywall panel. The drywall paper will continue along the front and wrap over the edge to overlap with the paper at the back of the drywall sheet. Which in essence binds them together, instead of leaving the gypsum open.

Approximately 3 inches from this edge, the drywall thickness will decrease every so slightly on the face of the panel so the last few inches of the bound edge are around 1⁄16 of an inch thinner. This means when the two bound edges butt up, they will create a trough below the surface on the rest of the drywall sheet.

This means that when it comes to taping the bound edge of the seam, the tape will sit nicely in the trough of two edges. Even after it has been coated with drywall mud to go over the tape, the finished surface of the seam will rise to about the same plane as the rest of the drywall panel. By keeping the bound edges paired with one another, it makes taping and feathering seams that much easier.

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