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Drywall Repair Tips When Dealing With Large Holes

How to Repair a Large Hole in Drywall  

When it comes to performing drywall repair on large holes, anything that is more than 6 inches will be different than repairing small holes. This is because small holes can be patched over with some drywall tape or self-adhesive drywall patches; however, larger holes will require a more rigid material that will cover a larger opening.

The simplest and easiest solution is to cut a patch from a piece of drywall and secure it with some wood backing strips and screws. Once this is in place, simply tape and “mud” the seams, just like when you install new drywall.

Prepare the Hole

Trim the edges of the hole, then cut along the lines with a drywall saw.

Installing the Patch

Cut a piece of drywall that will fit the hole, it doesn’t have to be snug. However, the seams should be no more than 1/8 inch wide. Place the patch over the hole and then secure it to the backing strips with some screws. Make sure you keep the screws about an inch from the edges of the patch.

Taping the Seams

Cut some strips to the length of drywall using a utility knife. Cover each one with a strip of joint tape. Overlap these on all the corners, making sure the tape is flat and has no wrinkles or bulges.

Mudding the Seams

Cover the tape with a layer of drywall joint compound, use a 6-inch drywall knife to do this. You must see the mesh through the compound, and then leave this to dry. Then, scrape the surface to remove any clumps or bumps.

Sanding the Mud

Sand the dried compound to smooth the surface. Just be careful that you do not over-sand it, as this will mean the mesh tape will show through.

Prime and Paint

Cover the patch area with a primer, and leave this to dry, apply a few more coats of paint so it blends in with the surrounding area.

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