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Drywall Repair Tips

Common Drywall Issues and Fixes

Drywall is known by many names, however, whatever it is called, this building material will eventually require drywall repair at some point. Drywall is a building material that is large panels that have a gypsum core sandwiched between two paper faces. These are sometimes made from recycled paper. One face is smooth and is the surface face and the other is similar to kraft paper and is the backing face.

Repairing Popped Nails

  • Fasten a coarse-thread drywall screw just above and below the nail that has popped. Make sure that you fasten the screw just to the point where it is below the surface of the drywall, so it does not puncture the paper surface.

  • If you can’t get drywall screws, use the same ring-shank nails that created the pop, to begin with. Drive them in just above and below the popped nail until they are slightly recessed and there is a dimple in the drywall surface caused by the head of the hammer.

  • Apply the first coat of drywall joint compound or spackle.

  • Apply another coat of compound once the first one has completely dried and make sure that you feather the edges. Use a 4 to 6-inch flat blade taping knife to do this.

  • Wait until the compound has dried fully, and then lightly sand using 200 grit sandpaper. Don’t sand using your hand or fingers, you need to have a solid backing to the sandpaper in order to get the right results!

  • Once everything is dry, inspect the repair. If the compound has either shrunken or you notice any pitting, you need to repeat the application of joint compound and sanding.

  • Once the repair is dry and has been sanded, you are now able to prime and paint is as normal.

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