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Drywall Service Tips

Drywall Maintenance Tips

Drywall is a durable and incredibly useful material, not to mention being extremely cost-effective. It can be customized to match almost any decorating or visual aesthetic, which should come as no surprise then that it is one of America’s most commonly used building materials. However, despite its numerous advantages, drywall will on occasion need strengthening and repairs. The following are a few standard drywall service repair issues, and how to resolve them.

Damp Ceiling

Damp and moisture ceilings are often the result of something as benign as too much rainfall, or as serious as a burst pipe. In order to address this common repair issue, a professional will use a sander on the wet area, and then paint some stain-resistant primer to prevent any further water damage, followed up with a concealing drywall compound.

Popped Screws or Nails

The ceiling joists and wall studs used in drywall do occasionally pop out. When this occurs, a drywall repair professional will remove the popped nails, and replace them with brand-new screws or nails, before applying multiple layers of joint and drywall compound.

Small Holes

Minor holes are a fairly easy drywall issue to repair. The easiest solution is to adhere a drywall plate, this sticks to drywall using an adhesive backing. A drywall professional will then conceal it with some paint.

Large Holes

Obviously, this is slightly more complex than above, as large drywall holes must be completely excised by cutting away the surrounding section of drywall. Once this is done. a new piece will be attached with some screws and then covered in a layer of joint compound and drywall tape, once this is completed, it is finished with painting and sanding to make the area blend in with the rest of the wall.

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